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The intermediate adapter makes it more difficult to maintain the overall interoperability of code Many libraries have a linear interface that can be easily wrapped using PInvoke, and of course wrapper generators have been developed At the moment there are no wrapper generators for F#, but the C-like syntax for PInvoke declarations makes it easy enough to translate C# wrappers into F# code An example of such a tool is SWIG, which is a multilanguage wrapper generator that reads C header files and generates interop code for a large number of programming languages such as C#..

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Each of these images is an additional round trip to the server, not just a few K more for a request that s already being serviced So the point is that ViewState isn t that expensive in regard to resource consumption when you consider the typical way web sites are built today The big difference is that ViewState increases not just the response payload, but the request payload as well (when a postback occurs) This makes it more like a cookie than an image However, cookies are sent to the server with every request (including image requests), whereas ViewState is sent only as part of the HTTP Post that makes up the submission of a form (aka a postback) As a matter of fact, Amazoncom hosts their images on a different domain than the one the server markup comes from, in part to lose cookie transmission on image requests.


Sets the maximum time in seconds a physical connection can remain idle in a connection cache. An idle connection is one that is not active and does not have a logical handle associated with it. Sets the maximum time in seconds that a logical connection can remain open (or checked out), after which it is returned to the cache. Sets the maximum time in seconds that a logical connection can remain open (or checked out) without any SQL activity on that connection, after which the logical connection is returned to the cache. Comes into play when there is a request for a logical connection, the cache has reached the MaxLimit, and all physical connections are in use. This is the number of seconds the cache will wait for one of the physical connections currently in use to become free so that the request can be satisfied. After this timeout expires, the cache returns null. Sets the time interval in seconds at which the cache manager inspects and enforces all specified cache properties.

In this chapter, you saw how F# can interoperate with native code in the form of COM components and the standard Platform Invoke interface defined by the ECMA and ISO standards. Neither mechanism is dependent on F#, but the language exposes the appropriate abstractions built into the runtime. You studied how to consume COM components from F# programs, and vice versa, and how DLLs can be accessed through PInvoke.

As a final corollary, don t misconstrue this point as an argument that you should ignore all of the warnings about ViewState When it s 40K instead of 4K, you have much more cause for concern When a control isn t using or doesn t need the feature, then it should, of course, be turned off Just be sure to take a balanced approach with your evaluation of the feature as a resource consumer As you ll see in the sections that follow, version 20 of the Framework addresses some large drawbacks that came to light in 11 applications, making the feature useful in even more contexts..

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